About Us

At Just One Chocolate we are all about creating chocolates which do not get left behind or who nobody wants. As a result we provide tried and test recipes which you will want to eat: Very important if a fresh chocolate only remains fresh for a couple of weeks for example!! This does mean that you we do invite you to satisfy your more complex taste requirements with other Chocolatiers from around the world. We hope that the quality, taste and satisfaction which we provide makes you come back to us when you want to make sure that all of the bought-chocolate is enjoyed..

Our chocolates can be split roughly into 3 categories: Truffles, Caramels and Fudge!!! Our Truffles range from plain truffles via alcoholic ones to more unusual ones combining Truffles and Pate de Fruits (fancy fruit jellies if you like). Caramels can be simple salted ones as well as those containing fruit purees.

And of course there is our Clotted-Cream fudge wrapped in our chocolate…

We are also committed to operating on fair principles and thus use Fairtrade-certified products wherever possible, such as in our Belgian Chocolate as well as as the sugar we use for our caramels/fudges.

We hope you enjoy our chocolates as much as we enjoy making them but please let us know your thoughts, comments, suggestions. After all, we are here to provide your enjoyment!!

(Head Chocolatier)

How it all began…